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All League

2020   Pos Team 2019   Pos Team 2018   Pos Team
Kyle  Ketterer Forward 1st Alex  Dolce Keeper 1st Alex  Dolce Keeper 1st
Alex  O'Leary Defender 1st Michael  Hewes Midfield 1st Michael  Hewes Midfield 1st
Jack Regenye Keeper 1st Alex  O'Leary Defender 1st Tommy  Kelly Forward 1st
Anthony Zucchero Midfield 1st Garrett Pinkston Defender 1st Garrett Pinkston Defender 1st
Sam Klingenberg Defender 2nd Kyle  Ketterer Midfield 1st Sam Price Midfield 2nd
Ethan Lord Defender 2nd Evan  Dougherty Midfield 2nd Matt Adams Defender HM
Hayden Quillman Forward HM Grady Farrell Defender HM Luke Needs Defender HM
2017   Pos Team 2016   Pos Team 2015   Pos Team
Hunter Firment Midfield  1st Hunter Firment Midfield  1st Peter Ferraro   Forward  1st
Eric Greer Forward 1st Kyle Garvey Defender 1st Hunter Firment Midfield  1st
Garrett Pinkston Defender 1st Eric Greer Midfield 1st Jack Seilus Defender  1st
Michael  Hewes Midfield  2nd Brendan Barrett Forward  2nd Matt Nitz  Keeper  1st 
Brendan  Humes Midfield  2nd Evan  Bennis Defender HM Mike  Kosuth  Forward   2nd
Mark Echevarria Midfield HM   Eli  Lipsman  Midfield   2nd
    Kyle Garvey Defender  HM
2014   Pos Team 2013   Pos Team 2012   Pos Team
Sam Alfonsi  Midfield   1st James   Crowley Midfield  1st Billy Pinamont Defender 1st 
Brian Cortese  Defender  1st Jason Smiddy Defender   1st Sean Faux Forward  2nd
Andrew Chegia  Defender  1st Evan Dwyer  Defender   2nd Matt Stewart Defender HM
Peter Ferraro   Forward  1st Sean Faux Forward  2nd  
Henry Shafer  Keeper  1st  Sam Alfonsi Midfield   2nd  
Alex Andersen  Forward   2nd Brian Cortese Defender  2nd  
Tim Yarosh  Midfield   2nd Andrew Chegia Midfield  HM  
Jeff Stautberg  Midfield  HM    
2011   Pos Team 2010   Pos Team 2009   Pos Team
Sam  Yarosh Forward 1st Drew Sommer  Forward 1st Chris Somerville Forward 1st
Josh  Krapf Midfield 1st Chris Somerville Midfield 1st Rob Crowley Midfield 1st
Doyle Tuvesson Midfield 1st Andrew Carlino Midfield 1st Mac McCann Midfield 1st
Alec Jule Defender 1st Jeff Juric  Defender 1st Andrew Carlino Defender 1st
Perry  Hopkins Keeper 1st Shane Murphy Midfield 2nd Jeff Juric  Defender 1st
Matt Stewart Defender 2nd Denton Jochums Defender 2nd Drew Sommer  Forward 2nd
Billy  Pinamont Defender HM Huston Firment Defender HM Dean  Hristopoulos  Midfield  2nd
    Cory White Keeper 2nd
    Jay  Conroy Defender  HM
2008   Pos Team 2007   Pos Team 2006   Pos Team
Rob Crowley Forward 1st Jordie Ciuffetelli Midfield 1st Jordie Ciuffetelli Midfield 1st
Mac McCann Midfield 1st Joe Crowley Forward 1st Joe Crowley Forward 1st
Andrew Carlino Defender 2nd Mike Welch Defender 1st Connor Moore Midfield 1st
Chris Somerville Forward 2nd Andy McSweeney Forward 2nd Dan Nichols Defender 1st
Cory White Keeper 2nd Justin Halm Forward HM Matt Thaeder Forward 1st
Al Cochran Defender HM   Mike Welch Defender 1st
    Craig Butz Keeper HM
2005   Pos Team 2004   Pos Team 2003   Pos Team
Connor Moore Forward 1st Ryan Ackerson Midfield 1st Ryan McGonigle Midfield 1st
Matt Thaeder Midfield 1st Dan Krinsky Defender 1st Jason Peuquet Defender 1st
Mike Welch Defender 1st Jason Peuquet Defender 1st Ryan Ackerson Midfield 2nd
Dan Nichols Defender 2nd Phil Wilson Keeper 1st Mitch Muller Forward 2nd
Tyler Romaine Midfield 2nd Andrew Asimos Midfield 2nd Chris McSweeney Forward HM
Jordie Ciuffetelli Midfield HM Mark Hug Defender 2nd  
  Chris McSweeney Forward 2nd  
  Connor Moore Forward 2nd  
  Matt Thaeder Midfield HM  
2002   Pos Team 2001   Pos Team 2000   Pos Team
Mike Crowley Midfield 1st Rick Kukwa Forward 1st Sean Peuquet Defender 1st
AJ Dulik Defender 1st A.J. Dulik Defender 2nd Matt Pitone Midfield 2nd
Scott Kenney Midfield 2nd Scott Kenney Midfield 2nd  
Ryan McGonigle Forward 2nd    
1999   Pos Team 1998   Pos Team 1997   Pos Team
Matt Dickens Defender 1st Mo Hodges Keeper 1st Matt Heck Striker 2nd
Matt Pitone Midfield 1st Todd Williams Defender 1st Brian Hunt Defender 2nd
Jeff Yarnell Forward 1st Marc Armitage Forward 2nd Mike Kotsch Midfield 2nd
Alan Kelly  Midfield 2nd  Chad Talarek Forward 2nd  
1996   Pos Team 1995   Pos Team 1994   Pos Team
    Troy Goddu Striker 1st
    Charles Meadows Midfield 1st
1993   Pos Team 1992   Pos Team 1991   Pos Team
Brett Hampson Defender 1st   Jeremy Sorzano Forward 1st
Mike Pitone Midfield 1st    
Drew Rhodes Forward 1st    
Craig Gillan Forward 2nd    
Karl Halstead Defender 2nd    
Tony Talbert Midfield 2nd    
Bob Urie Keeper 2nd    
1990   Pos Team 1989   Pos Team 1988   Pos Team
Jeremy Sorzano Midfielder 1st Augustin Carmona-Ernst Defender 1st Cheyney Meadows Midfielder 1st
Dan Anderson Defender 2nd Joby Facciolli Striker 1st Derrick Scarpinato Defender 1st
Augustin Carmona-Ernst Midfielder 2nd Dan Anderson Defender 2nd Mike Hawkins Defender 2nd
John Pote Forward 2nd Tom Martin Midfielder 2nd Phil Petroll Midfielder 2nd
1987   Pos Team 1986   Pos Team 1985   Pos Team
Cheyney Meadows Midfield 1st Dave Mooney Defender 2nd Trevor Byles Striker 1st
Kevin Meck Defender 1st Bryan Porter Keeper 2nd Dave Hallman Defender 1st
Steve Tordone Striker 1st Steve Tordone Midfield 2nd Bob Mozzani Defender 1st
  That Van Lu Defender 2nd Rob Schrof Striker 1st
    Scott Hoy Keeper 2nd
1984   Pos Team 1983   Pos Team 1982   Pos Team
Dave Hallman Defender 1st Greg Crowe Midfield 1st Greg Crowe Midfield 1st
Shaun Herkins Striker 1st Scott Hanway Defender 1st Sebastian Ferrer Defender 1st
Scott Hoy Keeper 1st Bruce Nardy Defender 1st  
Bruce Nardy Defender 1st Chris Neville Striker 1st  
Dan Pitts Midfield 1st Rob Schrof Striker 1st  
Rob Schrof Striker 1st Trevor Byles Defender 2nd  
Steve Bromm Midfield 2nd Shaun Herkins Striker 2nd  
Trevor Byles Striker 2nd Bob Mozzani Defender 2nd  
Bob Mozzani Defender 2nd Mark Nikolich Midfield 2nd  
Greg Turner Defender 2nd    
1981   Pos Team 1980   Pos Team 1979   Pos Team
Glenn Nask Striker 1st Rodger Bailey Midfield 1st Rodger Bailey Striker 1st
Phil Patrone Midfield 1st Chuck Ferron Midfield 1st Ron Combs Striker 1st
Peter Kolb Defender 2nd Glenn Nask Striker 1st Chuck Ferron Midfield 1st
Ken Palmer Striker 1st Reggie Hargrove Defender 1st
Steve Potzman Defender 1st Lou Crusco Defender 2nd
  Russ Wonderly Keeper 1st  
1978   Pos Team 1977   Pos Team 1976   Pos Team
Ron Bottomly Defender 1st Ron Combs Striker 1st Dave Ferron Striker 1st
Ron Combs Striker 1st Mike Bennett Midfield 2nd Dave LaMack Defender 2nd
1975   Pos Team 1974   Pos Team 1973   Pos Team
Dave Ferron Striker 1st   Ed Bennett Midfield 1st
Tom Ferron Striker 2nd  
Bob Gebhard Defender 2nd  
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